About Us

PHE Consultants have been engaged in Environmental Consulting Engineering since 1974. PHE was established by a group of professional engineers, technocrats, town planners and management consultants. Over the years, the firm has expanded its activities and has offices at Delhi, Kolkotta, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune. PHE maintains a team of Associate consultants, a complement of over 100 specialists including professional engineers, environment consultants, town planners, architects, surveyors, structural consultant, management consultants, computer consultants, transport consultants financial consultants etc., supported by the technologists, technicians, field inspection personnel, draftsmen and administrative supporting staff.

Management, Sectoral & Regional Experience
Since its inception in 1974, PHE has worked on many prestigious and complex projects (including many World Bank funded projects) and its staff is well acquainted with the level of multi-disciplinary input, co-ordination and are adept in the use of modern project management, quality control (QC) and financial budgeting & tracking models for successful and timely implementation of the project goals. PHE's staff has worked across the length and breadth of the country and has adequate regional exposure and understanding of the local peculiarities and specific regional issues to be dealt with.

Track Record
PHE's is committed to the betterment of the environment and providing the highest quality of service at reasonable rates to its clients across the country and the sub-continent. PHE has almost 30 years of experience and an unblemished track record with a host of projects successfully completed and satisfied clients that attest to its continuing commitment to the providing the highest quality of service. PHE has undertaken work internationally in the Middle East and is constantly keeping pace with new technology trends, management techniques and project implementation strategies. PHE's core staff regularly attends international exhibitions and seminars to interact with academia and exchange views on evolving technology trends and cost effective environmental strategies for developing countries.

Information Systems, Computerization and Automation
There have been, in recent years, dramatic advances in the field of computer technology. These advances have started to have a marked effect on the management, operation and control of water and wastewater systems.

Computer based information systems are designed to handle significant amounts of information more efficiently and with more flexibility than before. PHE has developed expertise in the following:

GIS - Geographical Information Systems SIMS - Sewer Inventory Management Systems
MIS - Management Information Systems LIMS - Laboratory Information Management Systems
MMS - Maintenance Management Systems SMS - Stores (material) Management Systems

of specialized software packages including ACAD, PCARC/INFO, ARC/CAD, Map Info, PHE's office is fully computerised with more than 80% of the staff having access to a computer at their desks and the ability to communicate. The local offices are also fully equipped with high-end computers, modeling, GIS and GPS softwares and enabled with high speed ISDN net connectivity. Staff are experienced in a varietyXPSWMM, all of which assist in the planning, analysis and modeling of project elements.

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