Abattoir Complexes & Ancillary Industries
  1. Calcutta Slaughter House Complex (1976):
Our Company was retained by the West Bengal Livestock Processing Development Corporation Ltd. a venture of Govt. of West Bengal, for the preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Report for a Slaughter House Project at Andul Mourigam, Calcutta. This slaughterhouse complex was expected to cater to a load of 6000 sheep, 300 large animals and 200 pigs per 6-hour shift with all the facilities included. The estimated cost of the complex was Rs.12 crores.

2. Bangalore Slaughter House Complex (1977):
The Bangalore Animal Food Corporation Ltd., Govt. of Karnataka, retained our services for the preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Report for Slaughter House Project at Koramangala, Bangalore in Karnataka. This complex was set up for an animal slaughter rate of 300 sheep, 250 large animals and 60 pigs per 6-hour shift. The financing authorities approved the feasibility report - as a viable proposition and the detailed engineering work for the same was also entrusted to us. The total estimated cost of the project was Rs.6 Crores.

3. Durgapur Slaughter House Complex (1979-80):
PHE has also carried out the detailed engineering design of a slaughter house project for Durgapur including all utility services for the West Bengal Livestock Processing Development Corporation Ltd., Govt. of West Bengal.

The project was originally planned by earlier consultants for 500 sheep per shift capacity without mechanization and without markets and lairages. The capacity was envisaged to be doubled within 2/3 years of operation. By using our engineering ingenuity, we prepared layouts with complete mechanization and initial kill rate of 500 sheep and ultimate kill rate of 1000 sheep without making any major change in design, but just by changing the speed of the conveyors, with no extra cost to the client. The project cost is Rs.1.5 crores. This project was successfully commissioned in January 1982.
This project was designed completely with Indian know-how, using only locally manufactured equipment.

4. Madras Slaughter House Complex (1982):
PHE carried out the Detail Engineering design of slaughterhouse project for Madras city for the Tamil Nadu Meat Corporation Ltd., Madras. The capacity of the complex is to be designed to cater to the local requirement and for export of meat alongwith a carcass utilisation plant. The project cost was Rs.5 crores.

5. Darjeeling Slaughter House (1982):
West Bengal Livestock Processing Development Corporation Ltd., Govt. of West Bengal, retained PHE for preparing a Techno-economic Feasibility Study for setting up a modern slaughter house for Darjeeling with capacity of 100 sheep, 30 cattle and 30 pigs per shift. The project cost was Rs. 1 crore.

6. Deonar Slaughter House Expansion Project (April 1989):
PHE was retained by M/s. Industrial Plants Waste Water Treatment Corporation, Bombay, for the pre-tender study of Deonar Slaughter house Expansion Project, which on completion will cater for 12,000 sheep and 1200 large animals per 6 hours. The expansion scheme allows total process interchangeability between existing and proposed wings, allows functioning of existing wing while the construction on the proposed wing is in progress and requires minimum additional construction and equipment. The cost of the project was Rs.4 crores.

7. Shareefebad (Srinagar) Modern Abattoir Project (1985):
M/s. Jeelani & Associates, Srinagar, engaged PHE to carry out detailed engineering design for a modern abattoir for Srinagar City.
The promoting body was the Sheep & Sheep Products Development Board, Srinagar. The capacity of the complex was 3000 sheep per day with future provision of cent percent capacity. The estimated project cost was Rs.5 crores.

8. Pork Processing plant at Usgao, Goa (1986):
We have been retained by the Department of Veterinary Services Sciences, Administration of Goa, Daman & Diu for the preparation of Techno-economic Feasibility Report for setting up a Pork Processing Plant at Usgao, Goa.

9. Aurangabad Slaughter House, Aurangabad (December 1988):
We have been adjudged technically the best by the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation for the detail engineering of the proposed slaughterhouse at Aurangabad.

10. Modern Slaughter House, Nasik (1987) :
PHE provided consulting services to M/s. Planners Associates for the detailed design of a Modern slaughterhouse complex for Nasik Municipal Corporation.

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