• Master Planning & Feasibility Studies
  • Infrastructure development & Monitoring
  • Design of Collection, Segregation and Transportation Systems
  • Transfer Stations
  • Landfill Operation and Maintenance
  • Various Disposal Methods
  • Compost plants
  • Bio-Medical Waste Management
  • Non-conventional Energy generation from waste
  • Project Implementation & Supervision

Chennai Municipal Corporation
Traffic and Land use studies for the Solid Waste Management Project for the City of Madras

Department of Environment and Ecology, UP
Consultancy services for development of masterplan for Solid Waste Management for Lucknow City

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
Traffic and Utilization studies for 1000 T refuse Transfer Station complex at Mahalakshmi.

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
Feasibility report for generation of Methane gas from Landfill.

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
Integrated Solid Waste Management
Upgrade of Landfill Operation & Management
Upgrade of Bio-Medical Waste Handling & Disposal
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